fist20of20moneyTreatment of PTSD symptoms covers the psychological/physiological aspect of things but it never addresses our financial state. For many survivors struggling with PTSD finances becomes a major part of the problem. You aren’t functional enough to work full-time and the treatment element gets expensive. What’s a survivor to do?

In my own experience I lost my job when PTSD symptoms so physically depleted me that I was not strong enough to work. I was bedridden for quite some time and before I could rebound my employer terminated me. If this happens to you, a few things to try:

1. Use your savings. It’s easy to not want to use your savings but they are for an emergency. Break open the bank whenyou need to knowing that eventually you will refill the pot. Do this wisely. Carefully plan how to spend the loot.

2. Move in with a relative. Best case scenario, you have family you can turn to. Bite the bullet, admit you need help. I moved home for a matter of months.

3. Make a budget. How much do you really need to spend each week, each month? Sit down and list your most essential purchases. Find the bare minimum number you need. Cut out frivolous purchases.

4. Apply for disability. Several PTSD survivors have been able to get disability for their condition. Some resources for exploring this route: Disability Secrets and PTSD and SSDI.

5. Reduce your work hours. Once you have a budget and know exactly what you need just to get by each month, take the pressure off yourself by seeking a job that allows you not to be overworked or stressed. Find a part-time job. Or, for example, I signed up with a temp agency. This meant I could work or not work according to my own strength and yet guarantee myself a specific income each month by accepting a certain number of assignments. There are also many companies that allow you to work from home, which can be a good option while you’re healing.

Making the shift in PTSD healing includes turning your attention to all aspects of PTSD that drain you of energy and focus. If your financial state is one of those things, take action now! As with anything, the longer you wait the worse the situation becomes the more overwhelming it is to deal with.

What have you done about your financial situation during PTSD? Feel free to list your own ideas in the comments. Together we can make a list of options…

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