The great thing about emotions is that (while it may not always seem like it) you actually create them. That’s right, your thoughts produce physical reactions — what we often call emotions. That racing heart, that shortness of breath, those sweaty palms… all of that comes from how you are perceiving a given situation.

The cool thing about emotions is that scientifically speaking, the chemicals you brain releases that create all of those responses only last 90 seconds. That’s right, the surge of any emotion naturally intensifies and then recedes that quickly. Or, until you have another thought that perpetuates the cycle so that it begins over and over again.

The good news is, you can reclaim control: The next time you feel the surge of emotion — don’t freak out. Instead, take some deep calming breaths and slowly count to 90, knowing that by the time you’re done the chemical surge will reduce and the intensity will be gone.

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