I’m a BIG fan of using creativity in the PTSD healing process. I wrote — and wrote and wrote and wrote poetry and my own story (that turned into a published PTSD memoir) and danced — and dance and danced and danced and ultimately saw the profound benefits of channeling my angst into a creative outlet.

Often, I hear from other survivors also using creativity to heal PTSD. Recently, Trish sent me a copy of her cartoon about how PTSD affects daily life. In her blog about it she writes,

Experiencing post-trauma stress, I sometimes wish the person asking me the question could see that imaginary tiger chasing me.  It would make it a lot easier to explain why I have a strained look on my face, trying desperately to process information and come up with an answer.

With Trish’s permission I’m sharing the cartoon with you here:

To read more of Trish’s terrific thoughts about this piece, and to follow her blog, visit: http://mentalhealthtalk.info/stress-disorder

Trish Hurtubise is, among other things, a survivor of C-PTSD.  Some of the best therapeutic advice she ever received was to do what she loves.  At the time she didn’t know what that was, so she went back to her childhood dream.  In March 2011, Trish and her accomplices fear, doubt, self-sabotage, and monkey-mind sat down to draw her first cartoon.  It was for her blog Mental Health Talk (an eclectic collection of stories and wisdom from people with mental ill-health experiences).  It took her a week to complete the cartoon with all that noise!  Nowadays, she happily creates opportunities to draw cartoons and the accomplices have been downgraded to bystanders.