Back in August PTSD survivor and cartoonist, Tricia Hurtubise, contributed a fantastic cartoon about PTSD, The Tiger, Mental Clarity, and You. We all know what it’s like to try to live a normal life while feeling we’re being chased by the tiger of anxiety, the past, the future, etc.

Now, Tricia is back with a brand new cartoon that expresses how we all feel about posttraumatic stress and sleep issues including, insomnia and nightmares.



Trish Hurtubise is, among other things, a survivor of C-PTSD.  Some of the best therapeutic advice she ever received was to do what she loves.  At the time she didn’t know what that was, so she went back to her childhood dream.  In March 2011, Trish and her accomplices fear, doubt, self-sabotage, and monkey-mind sat down to draw her first cartoon.  It was for her blog Mental Health Talk (an eclectic collection of stories and wisdom from people with mental ill-health experiences).  It took her a week to complete the cartoon with all that noise!  Nowadays, she happily creates opportunities to draw cartoons and the accomplices have been downgraded to bystanders.