What if you could meet in person others who are just like you? I mean, almost really exactly, you: they share your name and also your trauma history? Cool idea, isn’t it? That in your isolation and post-traumatic pain there might actually be someone else who is your shadow in some very intimate ways.

Trauma survivor Angela Shelton set out on a quest to meet all the women across America who share her name. What she discovered is that they shared something else, too: they had all been beaten, raped or abused.

In trauma it’s so easy to feel isolated and alone and accept that you are different, outside, damaged, broken, other, less than, unworthy… the list goes on and on. The truth is, you are a member of a tribe of others who are strong, brave and courageous.

This week on YOUR LIFE AFTER TRAUMA (Wed., 2pm EST) Angela Shelton joins me to talk about how to live a joyful life after trauma. And how to find closure when no one else will give it to you.

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