Most likely, you have thought or said something along the lines of:

That makes me very uneasy – I am so nervous, I can’t stop thinking about it- I just can’t stop worrying that it’s going to happen again.

These statements or emotions mean that you have felt or feel anxiety. Almost everyone suffers from some sort of anxiety at some time in their life. Obviously, anxiety can come in different forms, can be brought on for various reasons, and manifests itself at varying levels for each person. What makes me anxious may be entirely different from what creates anxiety in you and the results can be very different as well.

But, what isn’t different is that anxiety is fruitless. It doesn’t do anyone any good to have to deal with any form of anxiety at all.  Learning how to handle anxiety is important for both mental and physical health. However, learning how to deal with anxiety can seem overwhelming in itself without the right direction.

I mean…any type of self-improvement or healing involves work, right? And work takes energy and time. And energy and time usually means that something must be cut out of life’s schedule to find the time to heal. And with so much to accomplish, how on earth can something be cut or something new added on top of all of this ‘stuff’ already being carried around? You may be thinking ‘NO WAY!’ Just the thought could make you anxious!!

But, what if I told you that by taking a small amount of time to learn a few basic techniques you could change  the patterns that are creating anxiety? What if in my one hour radio program, you were able to draw from the extensive knowledge and experience of Dr. Margaret Wehrenberg and learn how to take back control without adding more anxiety?

My next guest on Your Life After Trauma is anxiety expert Dr. Margaret Wehrenberg. Dr. Wehrenberg joins me on air to discuss her book, THE 10 BEST-EVER ANXIETY MANAGEMENT TECHNIQUES. By the end of this episode you’ll be ready to turn the tables on anxiety and take back peaceful control.


Join us on air today, 2pm EST/ 11am PST, for a deeper discussion about this topic. Plus, you can call in to win our PROJECT GIVE BACK giveaway!

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