Guest Post by: Carlos Santiago

Justice21Although not a physical ailment that is easily seen by the casual observer, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can be an extremely devastating, disruptive, and difficult illness for anyone suffering from it. The degree to which a person is affected by their PTSD can range greatly, from trouble sleeping to severe depression. For those who are suffering from more major effects of PTSD, it may be difficult to continue their life as normal. Not only can PTSD drastically affect a person’s relationships, but it can also dramatically affect their ability to perform at work, or their ability to work at all.

When a person’s PTSD is this severe, they may find themselves suffering financially as a result, especially if they are unable to work. While this can be extremely disconcerting and frustrating, there are options for getting financial assistance that can help a person through this difficult time. Particularly, victims of PTSD may have the ability to receive Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits. Getting these benefits is usually invaluable to someone who is living with PTSD and unable to provide for themselves or their family as needed.

Getting the SSD benefits you need as a PTSD sufferer can be difficult however, as the process can be long and drawn out. In addition to gathering all the necessary documents and filling out appropriate paperwork, a person will first need to wait for the disability determination services to review their application, a process that could take up to three months. Unfortunately for many in this situation, this review usually results in a denial of benefits. Although this does not necessarily mean that a person is entirely unable to receive benefits, as they are allowed to file an appeal, it does usually mean a lengthy delay of benefits, as the appeals process and time spent waiting for a disability hearing can take as long as two years in some situations.

Because the process of applying for and obtaining benefits can be anywhere from a couple months to a few years, it is imperative that a person file for benefits as soon as possible. Additionally, when seeking SSD benefits for PTSD, many people are in need of benefits immediately; thus, to ensure you have the best chance at getting your benefits quickly, it is usually advised that an applicant enlist the support of a Social Security lawyer.