Guest Post By: Roxann Abrams

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enter site Roxann Abrams picPTSD suicide more deadly to American Soldiers than combat! New Budget cuts will likely increase this horrifying problem!

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follow link The Department of Justice released its Military Suicide Statistics for 2012, reports NBC on February 5, 2013.they report Military suicides are increasing at an alarming rate and are occurring at the rate 22 per day, that is one suicide every 65 minutes! These Suicides have continued to rise since the VA began keeping statistics in 2004 and show no signs of slowing in 2013. New Budget cuts will further add to this problem!


enter “In order for our Combat Veterans to get the help they need the general public is going to have to step up in 2013”, says click here Roxann Abrams Founder & President of click Operation:I.V.,Inc, a Veterans Services Organization offering no cost help for Vets with PTSD.

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follow link Ms. Abrams lost her son, SFC Randy Abrams, to Military PTSD Suicide in March 2009 and has founded source Operation: I.V. out of her profound grief, Abrams sonin his memory. Roxann said “I cannot sit by and watch these Military PTSD Suicides continue to happen and do nothing! The best way for me to honor my son is to help his Brothers.”

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go here get link Roxann wants Americans to clearly understand that the Military and VA don’t have the treatment resources or personnel to properly treat our Combat Veterans. PTSD is seriously under diagnosed by the VA. Military statistics for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in Military Veterans is only at 20% of those who have gone to war. This is partly due to lack of VA personnel and the rest due to a general poor understanding of PTSD and its successful treatment by the VA. The new budget cuts are going to further exacerbate these problems! Roxann continues on to say “The true statistic of Combat Soldiers experiencing PTSD is really closer to 99%, just like the Newtown CT first responders. Why? Because in war there are children killed in the towns our Soldiers invade and they see the same horrific sight they saw in Newtown. Additionally, these same soldiers repeatedly watch and rescue their fellow soldiers being blown up and killed. “Military Boot-camp, Ms. Abrams states, “teaches our Soldiers how to shoot a gun, but it does not and cannot “train” out of a person the normal emotional response of being shot at, having to kill somebody or watching your friend being killed or blown up! Knowing this fact, she says, ”it’s ridiculous to think that only 20% of our Combat Veterans are going to suffer from PTSD! And now in 2013 we are going to have even more soldiers returning from combat in Afghanistan. Thousands more over the next 2 years, further compounding the problems that the VA already can’t handle and then on top of that Military budget cuts that will further cut personnel? Wow, our Troops are really getting thrown under the bus!

favorite hobby essay Combat PTSD is a complex problem that causes multiple problems in multiple area’s of the Soldiers life requiring a multifaceted treatment solution. There is no microwave answer. This is why most single treatment PTSD programs fail. Under-treated PTSD and untreated PTSD both cause serious and dangerous problems in the Combat Veteran’s life and their families. Both are what cause most of our Combat Veterans Suicides, drug/alcohol addictions, unemployment, homelessness and domestic violence. In order to have a quality life after combat each Combat Veteran needs a comprehensive multifaceted individualized treatment program. Most Veteran help organizations and treatment programs only offer a single treatment or avenue to lessen PTSD symptoms. Operation:I.V. has developed a one-of-a-kind program that is specifically designed to treat Military Combat Veterans with PTSD. This program treats every aspect of PTSD and every aspect of the Combat Veterans life, all at the same time, thus effectively putting most Combat Veterans back into a quality life, including lucrative employment, in 6-12 months. We are offering effective results oriented PTSD help for Soldiers!

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  • PTSD service dogs – by reducing anxiety they keep Combat Veterans from killing themselves, becoming violent and alcohol/drug abuse.
  • Psychiatric care – medication can be necessary for some people on a short term basis to help lower seriously heightened anxiety
  • Talk therapy – helps in conjunction with other therapies
  • Vet -2- Vet support – this helps Combat Vets tremendously in conjunction with other therapies
  • Non pharmaceutical anxiety reduction treatments are vital (acupuncture, yoga, hypnotherapy, EMDR and more) and essential. These treatments give PTSD Veterans life long benefits & helping to decrease psych meds dramatically
  • Traumatic Brain Injury treatment is essential – TBI’s interfere with PTSD recovery because it usually causes a person to lose their “executive functioning” the ability to plan and then carry it out. It also as commonly causes a disconnect between thoughts and feelings. Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatments are proven effective.
  • A Spiritual Connection is also vital (most people need this when their lives have been threatened). We connected our Vets with someone of their faith.
  • Job retraining/higher education
  • Job search/business consulting
  • Giving Back — coming back into the VIP Squad to help another Combat Vet — this is also a huge part of trauma

Media Contact: Roxann Abrams 855-887-4376

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