PTSD survivor poetry in honor of National Poetry Month has a soft spot in my heart. Poetry was the beginning of my PTSD recovery process. In the poetic form and its imagery I finally learned to express my own pain, sense of disconnection, grief, loss and despair. Especially in what I know call, “My PTSD Recovery Poem” I found a way to begin talking about what was really scaring and stumping me.

In fact, poetry spoke to me so much I went on to get a Masters in Fine Art in Poetry. Honestly, getting that degree did more for me than many of the hours I sat in my therapist’s office. So it’s with a great amount of passion that this year the Heal My PTSD blog honors once again survivor poets during the month of April. Today’s piece comes from Ed Hofert…

The Plague

The plague against America
an imbalance in the brain?
A condition of the heart
that drives a man insane.

Denial is the weapon
when it comes to certain breeds.
Deny, deny, deny
denying their own needs.

Something happened long before
that causes us great sorrow.
Once thought left far behind
is here again tomorrow.

A paralyzing symptom
somethings surely wrong.
The one that reaches out for help
the one that’s truly strong.

Someone at one time broken
with scars left on their hearts.
The taking time to listen
is where the healing starts.

Do we now just turn away
from their darkness and despair?
Or stand and fight like they did
and show them that we care?

The lesson here for learning
the thing that we must teach.
For the victim of PTSD
healing’s within reach.

PTSD Survivor PoetryIn Ed Hofert’s own words…. I am from a small town in Iowa and had railroad tracks running through my backyard.
I was drawn to poetry as a way to express myself like a fly is drawn to potato salad at picnics. I found it impossible to stay away. The first poem ever penned by me was a class assignment to teach us how to write poems and punctuation. It was 5th grade and the poem was about a gold fish that waved goodbye with it’s tail each day as I left for school.
It was the teachers reaction to my poem that kept calling me back to write some more. She was more than pleasantly surprised.

A lot of time has passed since then and It’s only been in the last year and a half I started posting my poems publicly. Quite by accident at first. I was posting to a poetry site that was tagging my face book page. So friends began to investigate what I was up to. The response was overwhelming. Since then I’ve written one book of love poems called HeartWhisperer. Available only through me as self publishing was a learning process. I currently have my second book in the process of being published and it will be available on Amazon. It’s title is Stepping From The Shadows. Even as that is what I’m doing. It’s a collection of 100+ poems from dealing with death to inspiration and humor. Friends have started me a poetry page on face book and it is named after my 1st book. HeartWhisperer Ed Hofert.

I am now doing poetry readings when there is a demand for it and getting increasingly involved in helping people find answers that suffer with PTSD.
What some might consider to be living the dream. For me will come when all is well for me and for you.
And for that to happen for me you need to be well first.

So on we go.