Being a trauma survivor with PTSD symptoms means living a life that feels extremely isolated and misunderstood. You know you’re doing the best you can to get through every day with a minimum of meltdown, but to the outside world uncontrolled symptoms of PTSD can look crazy, lazy or just plain weird.

A long time ago I wrote about what I wished my family understood while I was struggling to heal posttraumatic  stress disorder. That open letter became so popular that we posted it as a page for caregivers to help open the conversation about how to support a survivor in PTSD recovery. The interest in that page has been so enormous that we decided to turn the info into a graphic so that it’s easy to see, print and share.


here [Click here for the text-to-print version.]

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And so, today we reveal the artwork…. voila! 10 tips for PTSD 2 Feel free to add your thoughts in the comments. From what you suggest we can create another image and so keep the conversation going.