A long time ago I wrote about my own personal PTSD recovery anthem. It was the song, voice and lyrics that got me through many a bad day. Recently, in Heal Your PTSD, my latest book of over 200 healing strategies for symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder, I also wrote about healing anthems:

Bringing yourself to a place of peaceful healing means repairing the bridges that were blown up in yourself and your world when trauma occurred.

In his song “In Repair,” John Mayer croons, “So much to do to set my heart right. . . . ” (If you don’t know that song, go listen to it or watch the video; it’s a great recovery anthem.) This sentiment so aptly describes where a great deal of the pain comes from in the PTSD experience.

In the post-trauma identity crisis that accompanies PTSD, you question how to define yourself, wonder what’s true and what’s false, and lack a sense of what’s right for you—these are heart and/or soul wounds. One way to answer the questions and refill that sense of rightfulness is to engage in repair of the things that feel most devastated.

Right after that passage I invite readers to share their healing anthems with me. Last week I received this fantastic suggestion and, of course, wanted to share it with you!

Sarah Maclachlan’s “In Your Shoes”….

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