PTSD, Healing Thought of the WeekI receive so many emails from survivors sharing their stories of healing with me. This one came in from a man I’ve known for quite some time.

I’ve watched him progress from struggling without a sense of control to this beautiful illustration of what it means to start making choices and taking actions that change who you are, how you live and the world that you experience.

He’s given me full permission to share this with you. He writes….


I wanted to share a couple of  things that I started to use:

I don’t use the words “panic attack”, instead “grieving emotions”.

I also define the emotions as safe, healthy, healing emotions.’

I had a fear that too much would come out at one time, and I wouldn’t be able to shut off the “flood gates”. I have replaced that with safe, healthy, healing “gates”.

Instead of “flashback” I replaced that with safe, healthy, healing, peaceful “images”.

Instead of saying “it wasn’t my fault, or “I have nothing to be guilty about”, I say “I am innocent”.


What changes have you made that have helped you feel better? Share your ideas in the comments.