I love sharing resources with you — this one comes from a survivor who emailed me privately about success with EFT…. Maybe an idea to get you going for the new year??

This is a technique I was taught few weeks ago to release unwanted thoughts,  feelings, and traumatic memories.

I really like it because it has been very effective for me.  Also, you do not need to read a book or find a practitioner.  You just have to follow a few of the Youtube videos to learn how to do it.

The founder of Faster EFT, Robert Smith, will teach you the steps in the free demo’s.  I just completed his free 7 day email course.  You can sign up here if you are interested:

I am not sure exactly how it works but it essentially teaches the mind to take the charge off of bad things by reprogramming the subconscious.   The best part is you do not have to know why you feel bad, you just have to bring up the emotion, and then follow the quick tapping method to let it go of it.  I was very skeptical at first, but have seen great results !  I hope it can help someone else.

PTSD fibromyalgia testimonial (really great !):

Faster EFT demo: