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“Thanks for your … show each week. I am finding a take away each time. Your guests have interesting and diverse perspectives. I am new to your site but have found a lot of great information in your archives… Have a wonderful holiday. You have been the best present I could have wished for.” – H.G.

In an effort to bring you even more ideas for how to reduce and manage PTSD  see url stress, depression, mood swings, nightmares, insomnia, sadness, anger, grief and pain, plus redefine who you are and reclaim how you live every week for four years Michele Rosenthal invited professionals and/or survivors to discuss a topic specific to your life after trauma. On this program Michele and her guests covered a wide spectrum of topics designed to help you turn yourself around and get headed for healing in the right direction.

With guests from backgrounds that include self-help, mental health, trauma, motivation and inspiration, founder, Michele Rosenthal, interviewed experts and everyday people about what it takes to free essay writers heal trauma and move forward with your life. Guests include enter civilian and military survivors and professionals sharing their unique perspectives on how to quell the chaos and take positive steps toward change, plus leaders in the fields of go here self-help, inspiration, motivation, science, trauma, recovery, and personal development.


Dr. Bessel van der Kolk • Dr. Bernie Siegel • Martha Beck • Peter A. Levine • Babette Rothschild • Belleruth Naparstek • Dr. Rick Hanson • Dr. Rachel Yehuda • Dr. Francine Shapiro • Dr. Robert Scaer • Dr. Mark Goulston • Dr. Tania Glenn • Carre Otis • Priscilla Warner • Mark Nepo • Matthew Sanford • Dr. Frank Ochberg • Dr. Ron Siegel • Dr. Arthur Ciaramicoli • Dr. Larry Dossey • Dr. Ed Tick • Dr. Robin Zasio • Dr. Ray • Dr. David Berceli • Angela Shelton • Rena Romano • Dr. Cheryl Arutt • Lee Woodruff • Dr. Kim Dennis • John Wesley Fisher • Dr. Jennifer Nardozzi • Dr. Ron Ruden • Dr. Patricia Gerbarg • Reid Wilson • Pat Love • Mary Beth Williams • Dr. Alex Pattakos • Rev. Dr. Chris Parker • Cliff Richey • Dr. Bruce Dow

viagra vs levitra reviews The show is on hiatus — please enjoy the archives!

descriptive essay definition (M) indicates shows with specifically military content. How to overcome childhood sexual abuse with Rena Romano (M)  see url RELEASE Method: How and Why It Could Work In Your Recovery with Tom Kavanaugh

Does PTSD Exist? with Herb Cohen 7 Strategies to Control Your Thoughts with Frederique Murphy

tretinoin gel .1 for sale Who Are You? The Role of Identity in Changing Your Life with Tom Cloyd Willpower: Using Your Brain’s High Energy System with Michele Rosenthal When Survival’s At Stake, “Never Forget To Lie”  with Marian Marzynski

click here A Question of Identity: Who Are You After Trauma with Michele Rosenthal

Is There More Than This Moment? Trauma And Self-Identity with Michele Rosenthal The Brain That Changes Itself: Cheryl Schiltz Dishes About Neuroplasticity with Cheryl Schiltz

help with english homework Feeling Fragile in PTSD and Trauma Recovery with Doreen Dupont

PTSD Healing Techniques: A New Model with Courtney Armstrong (M) Combat PTSD and the Family: Healing in Relationships with Tony and Janet Seahorn

learn to write essays PTSD and Grief: Mourning to Heal with Dr. Alan Wolfelt PTSD and Eating Disorders: A Natural Coping Mechanism with National Eating Disorder Association

search viagra viagra find 74k generic Trauma, Hope and Healing After Homicide with Leticia Yuzefpolsky

follow link Putting Purpose Into Your PTSD Recovery with Dr. Eric Maisel

Healing Traumatic Brain Injury: A Survivor’s Story with Angela Leigh Tucker

follow link Handwriting Formation Therapy with Dr. Treyce Montoya

7 Ways to Inspire Healing and Hope After a Disaster with Michele Rosenthal

The Science of Life After Death with Sandra Champlain

3 Ways to Develop Self-Trust After Trauma with Michele Rosenthal

A Firefighter’s Story: Anxiety, Depression & PTSD with Jay Davies

Trauma & PTSD Recovery: How To Get Unstuck with Michele Rosenthal

Trauma & the NICU: Life Beyond the Pain with Joel Brens and Nick Hall

Best PTSD Response to “Just Get Over It” with Michele Rosenthal

(M) Military Sexual Trauma: How To Heal with Dr. Kim Dennis

7 Important Decisions in Trauma Recovery with Michele Rosenthal

If You Have PTSD Are You Broken Forever? with Michele Rosenthal

How To Overcome Addiction and Increase Self-Esteem with Dr. James Fenley

PTSD and Constriction: Keeping Yourself Safe After Trauma with Michele Rosenthal

Dr. Bernie Siegel Talks About The Art of Healing with Dr. Bernie Siegel

Balancing Internal Conflicts in PTSD and Trauma Recovery with Michele Rosenthal

Proof That Trauma Can Be Overcome: Brief Imagery Rescripting with Bob Stahn

Healing PTSD: What Is Trauma? with Judy Crane

Why You Lose Your Voice After Trauma and How To Get It Back with Dr. Suzanne Phillips

Creativity & Trauma: A Powerful Combination with Douglas Eby

(M) A Marine and His Music with Markus Fox

Using Your Dreams In Trauma Recovery with Dr. Bruce Dow

Transitioning Veterans: A Mother’s Tribute To Her Fallen Son with Roxann Abrams

Wrangling Anxiety: Tips You Can Use Today with Dr. Margaret Wehrenberg

How to Overcome Insomnia with Keri Nola

Self-Kindness & Trauma Recovery: Do They Go Together with Michele Rosenthal

How Important Is Nutrition After Trauma? with Leah Garces

How To Effectively Communicate Pain with Dr. David Biro

Posture & Power: The Connection Between Science & Psychology with Michele Rosenthal

(M) PTSD & Our Veterans: Recognizing Battlefield Trauma with Dr. Tania Glenn

How To Face Your Fears: 5 Essential Tips with Michele Rosenthal

How To Manage Control & Defuse Anger with Janet Pfeiffer

Trauma, Technology, & The Brain with George Carpenter

The Link Between Trauma, PTSD, & OCD with Guy Oberwise

The Healing Power of Neuroscience and Chiropractics with Dr. Andrew Hill and Dr. Ray

Proof that Trauma Can Be Overcome with Deb Discenza and friends

How to Live A Joyful Life After Trauma with Angela Shelton

Trauma, OCD and Positivity: How They All Function Together with Dr. Robin Zasio and Alan Cohen

How To Optimize Your Brain In Under 30 Seconds with Michele Rosenthal

Using Hypnosis To Heal Your Mind And Body  with Laura King

Say No! For A Change with Michele Rosenthal

How To Use Your Imagination to Recreate Your Life with Michele Rosenthal

How To Reduce Anxiety And Panic Naturally with Guy Oberwise

Reclaim Your Identity: Who You’re Meant To Be with Natalie Ledwell

How to Reduce Anxiety in PTSD and Trauma Recovery with Patty Chang

How to Get UNstuck in Trauma and PTSD Recovery with Remy Chausse

First Responders and PTSD: How To Heal the Trauma with Capt. Dan Willis

How to Re-Engage Your Intuition After Trauma with Simone Wright

How To Create A Sense of Control After Trauma with Laura Munson

How to Change Your Life After Trauma: The Science of Conditioning with Craig Meriwether

How to Deal with Death, Loss and Learning to Live with Sukey Forbes

Trauma & Caregivers: A View From the Other Side with David Cowan

4 Ways Trauma Affects Your Brain with Michele Rosenthal

How To Practice Mindfulness Like A Pro – Even If You Aren’t One with Dr. Ron Siegel

4 Natural Ways to Reduce Anxiety with Shann Vander Leek

Developing A Sense of Safety in PTSD Recovery with Michele Rosenthal

How to Treat Depression: Advice From An Expert with Guy Oberwise

Trauma Resolution: What To Expect From Treatment with Judy Crane

How To Explain PTSD to Someone Who Doesn’t Get It  with Michele Rosenthal

Boxing to Heal PTSD: “Fight Like A Girl” Feature Film with Jill Morley

Using Belief and Hope in Healing PTSD with Michele Rosenthal

Healing Trauma and PTSD: What Does Treatment Look Like? with Judy Crane

What Is Your Trauma Throughline? with Michele Rosenthal

Trauma and Identity: 5 Ways To Practice Integration with Michele Rosenthal

How To Harvest Happiness with Lisa Cypers Kamen

(M) Veteran Employment Issues: Finding A Job In A Civilian World with Terry Howell

Do You Need An Attitude Reconstruction? with Jude Bijou

Are You The Tortoise or The Hare? Slowing Down In Trauma Recovery with Michele Rosenthal

How To Access The Amazing You with Deb Scott

Caregiving For A Wounded Warrior with Cheryl Gansner

Natural Disasters: The PTSD Aftermath with Dr. Joseph Boscarino

Surviving 9/11: A Blind Man And His Guide Dog with Michael Hingson

Mind Movies: Creating Your Life Through Imagination with Natalie Ledwell

What Is Success And How Do I Achieve It? with Richard Schell

Awaken Your Greatness: You Are The Journey with Simran Singh

9/11 & The Boston Bombings: Resilience After Trauma with Michele Rosenthal

Suicide Prevention: 5 Ways To Reclaim Control with Dr. Kim Dennis

Overcoming Depression: Healing Without Medication with Craig Meriwether

(M) PTSD: Military Trauma And Natural Healing with Chris Crawford

The Human Heart: Tips & Tools For Healing After Trauma with Norma Light

Cancer Personality Traits: Patience And Persistence with Ruth Bachman

Why Hope Matters: A Round Table Discussion with Maryann Makekau

Cancer Support And Working With Cancer with Monica Bryant

Forgiveness – Who’s it Really For? with Michele Rosenthal


(M) Changing Direction: How Veterans and Civilians Battle Back After Trauma with Ashley Lambert-Wise

Vulnerability and Rewiring with Rose Ciaola

(M) A Vietnam Veteran’s Journey with Daryl Eigan

ADHD, Trauma and Recovery with Dr. Charles Parker

Childhood Trauma & Adult Disease + Traumatic Brain Injury with Robin Karr-Morse

Using Clarity To Change Direction: Know What You Want? with Michele Rosenthal

(M) D-Day: In Honor of our Military Families  with Debbie Sprague

Mind And Body Separation + Sexual Trauma with Racheal Hebert

Are You Defined By Your Past? Post-Trauma Identity with Michele Rosenthal

Take Control: Sara Skillen Talks Organizing To Reduce Stress  with Sara Skillen

How to Heal Dissociative Identity Disorder with Bunny Stevens

How To Cure Cancer: Creating a Healthy Post-trauma Lifestyle with Shan Musselman

Neurofeedback and Developmental Trauma with Sebern Fisher

How Advanced Directives Keep You In Control with Leah Sharrock

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy with Michael Shay

Anger and Trauma: Do They Go Hand in Hand? with Megan Ross

(M) Surviving the International War Zone with Robert Rail

Healing PTSD: 1 Step Forward, 2 Steps Back with Michele Rosenthal

Meditation and PTSD Recovery: Why You Need To Develop A Practice with Michele Rosenthal

How To Balance The Darkness and the Light In PTSD Recovery with Michele Rosenthal

Healing Childhood Sexual Abuse: A Survivor’s Story with David Pittman

PTSD Treatment Programs: What’s Available To You? with Judy Crane

How Families Cope With Trauma: Strategies For Daily Use with Casey Smart

How And Why Siblings Are Affected by Trauma with Ari Hahn

How To Overcome Fear + EMDR For PTSD Treatment with Dr. Francine Shapiro

Reconnecting To Your Goodness After Trauma with Dr. Arthur Ciaramicoli

The Science of One Mind: Proof Of Our Shared Intelligence with Dr. Larry Dossey

Couples Healing Together & Making Commitments That Succeed with Dr. Suzanne Phillips

Identity, Healing Stories, Yoga and Mind/Body Connection with Matthew Sanford

Proof That Trauma Can Be Overcome: The Brain & Trauma with Dr. Ron Ruden

Finding Your Purpose in PTSD Recovery with Michele Rosenthal

Unwanted Memories + Laughter After Trauma with Dr. Michael Smith

How To Use Your Breath To Heal Trauma with Dr. Patricia Gerbarg

Self-Kindness & Trauma Recovery: Do They Go Together with Michele Rosenthal

Becoming More Present; And Why You Don’t with Dr. Cheryl Arutt

How We Make Trauma Meaningful with Lee Woodruff

(M) Mental Health Stigma In The Military with Dr. Kim Dennis

PTSD & Post-Trauma Symptoms: Are You Balanced? with Michele Rosenthal

Practical Tips For How To Find A Good Therapist with Noah Rubinstein

(M) How Families Cope With PTSD with Chrystal Presley

Why Your Story Matters In Trauma Recovery with Angela Schaefers

Hardwiring Happiness with Rick Hanson

Equine Facilitated Therapy with Maurette Hanson

When People Don’t Understand PTSD with Michele Rosenthal

When Survival’s At Stake, Never Forget To Lie with Marian Marzynski

Organizing To Reduce Stress with Sara Skillen

Reclaim Your Identity: Who You’re Meant To Be with Michele Rosenthal

The Brain That Changes Itself with Cheryl Schiltz

Are You Feeling Anxiety & Loneliness? with Dr. Reid Wilson

PTSD and Highly Sensitive People with Ane Axeford

Living a Life of Meaning After Trauma and PTSD with Dr. Alex Pattakos

How to Transform Traumatic Grief with Courtney Armstrong

PTSD & Yoga: Ideas For Stress Relief with David Emerson

How To Bust Out of Negative Thoughts & Hopelessness with Christie Aphrodite

(M) Mental Health Stigma In The Military with Dr. Kim Dennis

(M) How To Identify and Use A Direction Moment with Judy Davis

How To Stop Nightmares: Dream Revision Coaching with Dr. Bruce Dow

How To Rebound After Losing Your Job with Kim Ann Curtin

Depression: The Human Condition with Brandon Schlepp

Stop Those Nightmares (And Change Your Drinking) with Dr. Bruce Dow

Did You Know Your Amygdala Can Dance? with Dr. Mark Goulston

Is The Future Who You Are? Trauma And Recovery with Vanessa Halloum

Caregivers and Trauma Recovery: How To Help with Michele Rosenthal

Art Therapy: A Complex PTSD Survivor Uses Creativity to Heal Trauma with Molly Kahikatea Marshall

Acceptance and Post-Trauma + PTSD Symptoms with Michele Rosenthal

Trauma Perceptions: Reducing Anxiety By Creating Change with Robert Rudelic

The Importance of Emotional Regulation in Trauma Recovery with Michele Rosenthal

Complex PTSD: Signs, Symptoms and Treatment with Megan Ross

The Science of Resilience: 5 Ways to Build Self-Esteem with Michele Rosenthal

(M) Trauma Nutrition: Clearing The Brain Fog with Christine Toriello

How to Reduce PTSD Symptoms with 1 Simple Process with Michele Rosenthal

PTSD Recovery: What To Do When You Hit Rock Bottom with Vironika Tugaleva

How Your Brain Encodes Trauma with Michele Rosenthal

How To Stop Anxiety, Flashbacks and Panic Using Mindfulness with Megan Ross

5 Things Your Brain Needs in PTSD Recovery with Michele Rosenthal

3 Ways Change Your Post-Trauma Approach with Dr. Nancy Irwin

How To Start A Post-Trauma Revolution — Of You! with Katie Humphrey

How To Accomplish Goal-Setting In PTSD Recovery with Michele Rosenthal

Depression and Identity: How Both Move Your Forward After Trauma with Dr. Deborah Serani

PTSD & Constriction: Keeping Yourself Safe After Trauma with Michele Rosenthal

Healing Sexual Trauma: How To Reclaim A Sense of Intimacy with Carre Otis

Healing Sexual Trauma: A View From the Inside with Carre Otis

Trauma & Tragedy: 3 Things To Help You Thrive Afterward with Bill O’Hanlon

BrainStorm: The Power & Purpose of the Teenage Brain with Dr. Dan Siegel

How To Form A Healing Intention in Trauma and PTSD Recovery with Michele Rosenthal

Stigma, Shame And Healing After Trauma with Dena Foman

How To Find Your Healing Path After Trauma with Dr. Sheela Raja

How to Find Motivation in PTSD and Trauma Recovery with Megan Ross

How To Find Resilience and Meaning After Trauma with Dr. Jennie Goldenberg

The Effects of Trauma: Who Are You Now? with Michele Rosenthal

How To Access Your Unlimited Power with Dr. Kim Dennis

Getting Through The Holidays: Reduce Stress With Social Media with Louise DiCarlo

Being Thankful You Can Overcome The Effects Of Trauma with Gabrielle Loomis

Singer/Songwriter Shares Resilience Secrets with Jen Foster

How Possible Is It To Heal Trauma? with Tom Cloyd

Forgiveness & Post-Trauma Recovery: Is It Right For You? with Leo Abdella

How Pets Help Us Heal In Trauma Recovery with Nick Kutsukos

How to Heal Complex-PTSD with Dr. Christine Courtois

(M) Pets & PTSD: Service Dogs Helping Heroes Heal with Mark German

Trauma and PTSD Recovery: How to Accept Self-Fragility with Dr. Doreen Dupont

Three Ways To Choose Your Post-Trauma Mindset with Michele Rosenthal

Meals To Heal: Changing The Direction of Cancer Patients with Susan Bratton

(M) PTSD Recovery: Becoming More Functional Today with Rev. Dr. Chrys Parker