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So many PTSD questions to ask; so many answers to find.

source site This site is dedicated to you — survivor, caregiver or healing professional — and your quest to know more, learn more, do more and help more in the quest to heal symptoms of PTSD.

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The first step to coping, managing and healing symptoms is knowledge. Follow the button below to learn about:
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  • brain effects And so much more…

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PTSD recovery options are numerous. Choosing the right one for your personal program begins with researching available approaches. Basic categories and some of the most popular techniques are profiled here. heal my ptsd learn more


go site There’s nothing like hearing survivors and healing professionals talk about PTSD and the recovery process. Listen to our archives of over 100 interviews conducted by founder, Michele Rosenthal, with survivors, mental health professionals, neuroscientists, personal growth and other experts sharing their insights and truths about how healing happens. heal my ptsd learn more

enter Living the PTSD lifestyle is lonely. But you don’t have to exist in a vacuum of isolation. Join the free Heal My PTSD forum to connect with other survivors around the world.

research paper service In this private and safe space you can (anonymously if you choose) post your question(s), ideas, thoughts and experiences and receive feedback from a very positive, educated, proactive, creative and healing-focused community. heal my ptsd learn more

Living with PTSD requires on-the-job training. In 60+-minute long presentations these three training webinars give you the bottomline of everything you need to know about the science behind PTSD symptoms, how trauma affects the brain, plus how to reverse those effects so that you start to feel better.

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follow Michele’s philosophy is that we’re all in this together. The Heal My PTSD blog reflects this credo every week. With posts written by Michele, plus other survivors and healing professionals the Heal My PTSD blog offers insight, validation, recovery ideas and other information to help you, loved ones, friends, family, colleagues and mental health providers navigate the PTSD lifestyle and recovery maze.

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