PTSD Webinars

enter Everything you need to know about the science behind PTSD symptoms.

In order to heal you have to do the work.

follow Healing PTSD is possible — and it requires a lot of choices, action and dedication on your part. These webinars will equip you with the knowledge of what needs to be done and how to start doing it.

customer service definition The Science Behind Your Symptoms, Part 1

argumentative essay internet Understanding how trauma affects your brain is key to educating yourself about what you can and cannot immediately control, plus why symptoms occur and hijack you when they do.

go to site ** Note: the complimentary audio series offered at the end of the broadcast is no longer available for any of the webinars.

essay writers in delhi Due to a technical malfunction during recording the video was damaged. Instead, download the worksheet here, then listen to the presentation audio below and watch the presentation slides here:

viagra medicine how to use The Science Behind Your Symptoms, Part 2

see In this webinar Heal My PTSD founder, Michele Rosenthal, and trauma expert, Dr. Tania Glenn define stress, explain how you get stuck the in the fight/flight/freeze response, plus why flashbacks happen — and how you can stop them.


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enter Reversing How Trauma Affects Your Brain

buy viagra canada Once you know how trauma affects the brain and causes symptom of PTSD the next crucial information is learning how to reverse those effects. That’s exactly what this webinar covers, including three most important areas of how to heal your brain. In a little over 60 minutes you’ll learn how trauma dysregulates your brain, plus 5 FREE tools to help retrain your brain so that you start reclaiming control today.

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