Post-traumatic stress disorder recovery is a hard job and you cannot do it without the input of others. Clinical professionals have great processes to offer — but that’s only once a week. What are you doing the other 167 hours of the week? My job is to teach you ways to continue developing your proactive, self-empowered healing skills every day, all day so that the effects of your clinical treatment are maximized throughout the week.

Choosing a practitioner to help with your PTSD recovery is a serious business and should only be undertaken with someone you feel you can trust. Scroll through the testimonials below to hear the thoughts of healing professionals, plus the experiences of survivors of child abuse, sexual assault, military combat, domestic violence, incest and many other traumas.

Then, check out the Heal My PTSD books, webinars, podcasts and information about how to heal PTSD symptoms to tap, develop, strengthen and add momentum to your healing potential. It’s time to shift your power balance from powerless to powerful.

What’s it like to experience healing?

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As a rape survivor, of course I felt blessed to make it out alive. And so, I accepted nightmares as part of my post-trauma life forever. Night after night, I was forced to relive the horrific details of a hellish night from my past. The men who held me captive and drugged years ago were continuing to have as strong a hold on me years after.

So what were my options? Sleep with the light on. Avoid dark places and images that could bring up flashbacks. Counseling? It wasn’t really for me. I never felt comfortable with the idea of sitting on a stranger’s couch week after week, year after year, retelling the disturbing event. I wasn’t avoiding or denying, I just simply wanted to move on and forward with my life. It was then that I met Michele.

For those of us strong souls who have been faced with monsters in this lifetime, Michele is living proof that there are angels in this world. I had never really known much about NLP or hypnosis, but upon instantly meeting Michele I knew she was a true healer, and finally felt as though help was on the way.

The most incredible part about the work Michele does is that you don’t ever have to talk about your trauma. She always offers a listening ear, but it is not necessary for the work to be achieved. No retelling or discussing of your personal life or the details of your trauma. Everyone has his/her treatment preferences, but for someone like me this was a dream come true. If it actually worked it would be even better!

What I am about to say may possibly shock you. Within one ninety minute session with Michele my nightmares were gone. Within 4 sessions the flashbacks had disappeared. I was sleeping like I had never slept in my life and felt like a million bucks. I understand that this may sound farfetched. If you told me this months ago I probably wouldn’t have believed it myself. For this reason I insisted on writing a testimonial. And so, I say this from the bottom of my heart: If you are out there suffering, searching for help – or maybe you have abandoned the idea, as had I – consider working with Michele. She has truly given me my life back and for that I am forever grateful.

Comments from healing professionals:

“I’ve read over your blog and am impressed with what you’ve created. You should be very proud!” Kellie Greene, Founder of SOARpsychotherapist-linda-templeman

“Michele is a passionate and well-versed advocate and practitioner in the field of PTSD. She works tirelessly to bring knowledge, empowerment, and tools for emotional wellness to those who seek her professional know-how through both her website and her private practice.” Teresa Bennett-Pasquale, trauma psychotherapist

“My multiple contacts with Michele over the past months have convinced me that she is impassioned, empathic and extremely knowledgeable about helping trauma-wounded people through Heal My PTSD, LLC…Were I to be affected by serious trauma, I would without question want Michele in my corner as a resource and guide.” Shannon Flynn Lewis, Counselor, National Institute on National Alcohol and Abuse

“Michele is both compassionate and passionate about helping others who are struggling with the effects of trauma. She brings a real-world, practical approach as well as an interest in the current research and theory to her popular website, Heal My PTSD. Michele is a valuable treatment and information resource for anyone interested in or effected by trauma.” Tanya Ruckstuhl-Valenti, Clinical Social Worker

“I am absolutely amazed at Michele’s passionate commitment to the personal empowerment of PTSD survivors. Herself a survivor, I call her a crusader, fierce in the belief that a survivor can thrive if they decide. Man, if I were picking teams, I’d want that confidence in others-and inspiration-that Michele brings… on my side!” Michael Blackstone, President, Mentor International

“This as such a wonderful post and something I think everyone can benefit from…. Awesome post — insightful and well written, as usual.” Alicia Sparks, Mental health writer

“I love it when people see the value of helping others especially when it comes to something as important as PTSD. You are an angel with a blog.” Elizabeth Stanfill, Founder, Destressyourself.com

“Michele’s knowledge base concerning PTSD is nothing short of phenomenal. The only thing that surpasses it is her hunger to help others who still suffer. Her upbeat and positive approach stems from her own refusal to let the symptoms of PTSD negatively impact her own life. Any association you choose to have with Michele will be productive and meaningful.” Bill Krill, Outpatient Clinician, trauma specialist

“Just when I think you cannot top your amazing resources found in your blog Michele, you do! You are so very dedicated! I always learn something new at your blog. Thanks for opening my world up each time I read a post!” Rena Reese, Soul Salon International

“…you, Michele — through your courage — are testimony to your success in defeating PTSD; to the real opportunity for finding joy and renewal through treatment and hard work. Thanks so very much!” Larry Siegel, Founder, DreamPeace Foundation

Comments from civilian clients:


“I wish to thank Michele Rosenthal, for all her courage and commitment, energy, patience and time for helping myself and others out of the dark strong hold of PTSD. I want to thank her for blazing the trail with all her work on her own PTSD and proving you can heal and move on and have a life. A happy and joyful like out of the fog and despair of PTSD. With her love and patience I myself finding a new life PTSD free. Thank you, Michele with much love and gratitude.” Survivor child abuse

“I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you working with Zach the way you do. He gets really excited when I tell him we are going to see you! He seems like each time that he is getting more and more relief of things that have been holding him back. I want him to be able to let go of all the stress he has had in his life and before he was born. Seeing him happy and confident with himself makes me so happy. So thank you for helping us!” Mother of autistic boy

“Michele, I have gotten 12 hours sleep for days now and I just want more. I can’t tell you how much better I feel…I feel like the first time in my life that there is a tomorrow and it will get better, too… I am seeing things very clearly for the first time in a long time.” Survivor of child abuse

“Everything made so much sense to me after we worked together.” Survivor of child abuse

“I can’t thank you enough for giving me a life I can finally start to enjoy… Every day seems to be getting better… You pulled me out of the dark and despair; that awful awful place of pain. I want to finish going through that door and shut it and lock it never to be opened again.” Child abuse survivor

“I’ve been waiting for so long to find someone I can talk to the way I talk to you.” Child abuse survivor

“I have moved further with each email from you.” Child abuse survivor, email coaching client

“Thank you for your help in me coming to a place I never thought I would be.” Rape survivor

“Thank you so much for the … session today.  I really needed it. I left infused with a sense of clarity I have been blurry on until now.  I appreciate how your objectivity and insight always sends me a little further into the recesses of my mind and propels me a little further down the path I need to be on.” Sexual assualt survivor

“Wow, really amazing. [After our session today]  I am even breathing more freely, deeper and easier!” Child abuse survivor

“THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR UNDERSTANDING… I want to be well so badly I tried so many things.. nothing has worked utntil I met you.” Child abuse survivor

“Thank you so much Michele, I do believe with all my heart you’re my guardian angel. You hide your wings well but I see them.” Child abuse survivor

“You know Michele, you are right some things have changed and I didn’t even notice the pain hurt and despair of losing my sister is gone, I don’t think about it every minute of every day. Matter of fact, I bet I only think of her once every two weeks and when I do the pain and hurt is not there.  I want to be like that with EVERYTHING. I never thought  I would be there and here I am WOW.. I am amazed at that.. THANK YOU THANK YOU!” Child abuse survivor

Comments from veterans:


“I think what you did for me was several things:  You started me thinking that self healing was possible. You have provided a variety of personal and professional informational posts to help authenticate that. You have shown me that I don’t have to feel alone. Your blog provides me with a place to do some research which helps me adjust my old way of thinking. Its nothing but positive from here on out. My greatest discovery was when I hit a downer and was able to adjust my way of thinking and regain the up feeling I had prior….. I felt Empowered. You do so much for everyone but you can only help those who want to be helped.” Vietnam veteran

“Great therapy session today. I feel GREAT!You took a HUGE weight off of me! It was a great session! ” Army vet

“Thank you for working with me. NLP has helped to calm my anger and give me back control. VA outsourcing needs you! ” Navy veteran, Desert Storm

“The only reason I agreed to have sessions with Michele was because I DIDN’T have to talk about my traumas.  The night of my 1st session, I slept soundly for the 1st time in 15 years.  I’m extremely grateful to Michele, and hope others with PTSD find comfort in her sessions.” Army veteran

“You are inspiring and thank you for helping to motivate me to do my part in the struggle against PTSD.” Army vet, Vietnam

 “After browsing your site for only a few moments I see I will need to start at the very beginning and read every ounce of it. Information is the key. Know your enemy.” – Military wife

“I know that I would not be where I am today if not for your blog and your advise. You had faith in me and that helped me have faith in myself. Your blog posts have been inspirational to me.” Vietnam veteran

“Thank God there are people like Michele Rosenthal, Founder of  “Heal My PTSD” . She has opened the gates of healing by dedicating her life in helping those of us lost souls who otherwise would have given up. I know I have seen a new light of promise.” Vietnam veteran

“Congrats on a very well presented and concise page! I hope you don’t mind me giving this out to my clients, vets with PTSD. We have just started a support group here in Portland Or, and I hope to get more people involved. Your site is very hopeful, great job!”

“Because of you, I will continue to evolve and I am going to be fine. Thank you, Michele.” Vietnam veteran

In praise of the Heal My PTSD Virtual Support Groups:

“I thought about what I could share about the support group experience.  I see it as this – As Paul McCartney wrote in the song Blackbird – “spread your broken wings and learn to fly” – we have with PTSD all learned to fly with our broken wings and are clearly here because of our determination and want to live.  The PTSD support group has helped me on the path to heal my wings so I can live a fuller life.” Mary

“I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you do for us ptsd-ers and what you’ve done for me.  I feel as though I’ve been propelled forward by your suggestions, questions, and advice.  I feel like you’ve given me tools that I didn’t have before the support group and I can continue to work on myself and heal.” Donna

“Michele, thank you for all your encouragement. It’s been a long time since I have been this excited about my life!!!!” Carrie

In praise of my Healing Thought of the Day:

“Michele – I just wanted to say thank you for the Healing thought of the day you sent out, after reading from “Train your mind, change your brain”…. with every email I read of yours I find I’m able to view ptsd from a viewpoint of having choices about how to heal rather than being victim to ptsd. Thank you for helping to create the shift that I haven’t found in 16 years until I came across you.”

cup-of-coffee“And I also want to say I appreciate my thought for the day each day.  Dealing with ptsd from a lifetime of emotional, verbal, physical and sexual abuse is sometimes like hardly living at all.  Your thought of the day really is a bright spot of the day for me.  Thank you so much!” Child abuse survivor

“Thanks, again, Michele . . .  your emailis what I look forward to each day.  It helps me SO MUCH! And if it helps me, I’m SURE it helps a ton of others.  I look forward to your encouraging e-mail.  You have no idea, or maybe you do, just how much it helps. Keep up the good work, helping people is your gift.” Domestic violence survivor

“I don’t know if I remembered to thank you for your non judgmental support but it means so much to me. And your words yesterday must have embedded somewhere within me as this morning I have a bit of a different perspective.” Domestic violence survivor

“Thanks, Michele.  This message just made my week–I was feeling that pulling down of the PTSD, like I was getting too heavy and not doing a good job.  This message was like a hug from my grandmother! Thanks!” Survivor sexual assault

“These thoughts of the day are really helpful.” Child sexual abuse

“I am enjoying the healing of the day email and reading your comments and experiences on the site.” Domestic violence survivor

“Hi Michele – I have only recently found your site and I thank you for putting together such insightful information about a condition that has plagued me for almost 5 years (result of a car crash).   In today’s daily thought, you talk about identity collapse and being stuck in survival mode.  That’s exactly how I feel but haven’t been able to express it so well.  You are eloquent and I love your choice of words because they hit the nail on the head.” Trauma survivor

“I love getting these emails from you michele. Thank you…again, just what I needed to hear.” Domestic violence survivor

“Michele, How’d you know…..I am about to take a step which moves me forward but I am still so afraid to do it…. I’ve been avoiding this issue for a week. I know I need to pull up my own boot straps, I’m a big girl but i still avoiding my time senstive issues. Thanks for you encouragement, I will press on…” Domestic violence survivor

“I’m loving what you do to help people like me. Your thought came at a perfect time. I was just kicking myself for something and you helped me become aware that I don’t need to being doing that.” Domestic violence survivor

“This was extremely helpful! You really do have a solid grasp of the self imposed isolation resuling from PTSD. Thank you, Michele.”

In praise of my ‘Making the Shift’ FREE monthly teleseminars:

telephone“I listened to the show and I can not thank you enough. I’m so glad I found the site and you. When I first found the site, I thought, oh no…here we go again another person who claims to know what I’m going through but has never experienced it. Then with reading everything which took only moments I had a change of heart.

That change of heart is what made me sign up for the blog and healing thought of the day. As the healing thoughts came I began to read more and more and I knew, that you really knew!” Child abuse survivor

“Hi, Michele! PTSD progress update! Just listened to your teleseminar…good stuff! … Last year at this time I had a gun in my mouth…right now I am full of hope and life. It is unbeleivable and I continue to thank you and your teachings. My healing is stronger and more stuctured thanks to you! “ Child abuse survivor

“Again, I want to thank  you personally for caring for other people who are suffering. I really enjoyed listening [to the teleseminar] and participating. I learned many new alternative tools that i will apply to my therapy/recovery.” Child abuse survivor

“The webinar last night helped a lot and the accompanying PDF makes it easier to focus on the nitty gritty.  Very  concise and to-the-point – …What I needed. I look forward to the next time.  Thanks again for your time and effort.  You are making a difference!”

“I just finished listening to the download of last night’s teleseminar. I thought it was great, and you did a terrific job.”

“Really inspiring, honest words this evening. My phone went a little defunct..but I got to hear everything you said. It was awesome–and my healing shall get back on track…hopefully. A disorder…not a ‘disease’ …..that resonates profoundly.”

“I listened-in on your seminar last night and was very impressed with it.  I thought you did a great job!  Even though I was phoning in on my sister’s behalf, I was really engaged the entire time and benefitted from it too.  It made me think about ways that I can train my mind and overcome fears of my own.  Very cool stuff.   The questions that were asked at the end were not easy ones and I thought you made a big difference with them in a very short period of time.  I liked how your answers had very meaningful content and were very specific to the situation.  Thanks for putting that together.”

“Your seminar was excellent tonight!  I am so glad that I found the courage to at least listen.”

Comments from readers of the Heal My PTSD website and my BRIDGE THE GAP self-empowered healing workshop:

thank-you“This BTG workshop is the key that finally let me break through the thick fog of PTSD.” Trauma survivor

“I just have to reach out and tell you that your work is literally changing my life. I simply can’t find the proper words to express both my enormous gratitude to you and your help and how much you are helping me… I have searched the web and found nothing remotely as healing as your blogs… which provide me with an absolutely essential healing tool… I love how you are dedicated to recovery and healing as opposed to coping. I love how you encourage me to thrive not just survive. I love how you remind me that its hard work — and that healing is not a straight line but a jagged line going upwards steadily.” Survivor of child abuse

“I looked at your web site. You have done an amazing job with it. There’s a lot of great information and ideas, can’t wait to read more.” Sexual assault survivor

“I have been reading your blog for a few weeks now and I have been wanting to write to you and say ‘hi’ and to tell you that I think you and your blog are great… Thank you for writing your blog.  It is huge and powerful and helpful and it makes me feel better to read what you post.  And THAT is huge for me. So thank you again.” Incest survivor

“Your blog today is especially meaningful to me. I would say it is one of those, ‘that was written for me.’ Survivor of domestic violence

“Sometimes I think you post these topics with ONLY ME in mind. Thanks Michele for your healing efforts.” Child abuse survivor

“I have started working through the BRIDGE THE GAP workshop and the January posts are WONDERFUL. I now have hope that I can beat PTSD, because I was about to conclude that it had beat me. Thank you SO much for all the work you are doing on this site. You are helping people to change their lives. What a legacy for you to be proud of!” Child abuse survivor

“It is hard to find information on PTSD when I’m in the fog. The best thing about your blog is that it gives me hope. It is informational, a safe place for me that provides support.” Sexual abuse survivor

“Your blog is such a huge help for me and it makes me feel like I can recover and it reminds me (AND I SURE DO NEED THE REMINDERS) that PTSD does not have to run my life… Thank you again SO MUCH for your blog.  Your writings help me everyday.” Incest survivor

“I have to tell you that your blog has changed my life. FIND JOY is my new motto. Your blog is very different from most blogs because it is positive and educational…. When D. told me about your blog I started feeling better as I read. It gave me HOPE that I could be  PTSD free someday. That I can turn these open wounds that haunt me to scars…. I just wanted to thank you for helping me start my day off right.” Survivor of sexual trauma

“When Michele started to get entangled with me it became part of the process of healing which I encouraged. She’s been a bit like the Zen Master of PTSD who kinda helps me to go places I don’t want to go.”  PTSD survivor, blogger

“Hi Michele! You warrior you!  I am uncovering more and more valuable resources in myself to cultivate a life..the life…I am suppose to live–Thank you. You truly have a remarkable healing gift. You’ve been on this journey with me a loooong time….you helped me salvage what little was left…..  There are no words to express.” Child abuse survivor

“Much love to you, Michele. As much as I like and admire my therapist, I can see by your writings that you are special, too. I see the same qualities in each of you. Very special. Thank you for what you do.” Survivor military sexual trauma

“Your site has been such an inspiration to me.” Child abuse survivor

“I was so impressed with your personal triumph over PTSD that it inspired me to get the help necessary to overcome my own problems. You are such an inspiration to all and your website is an amazing tool to helping those in need.” Domestic violence survivor

“Thank you so much for this website… I’m so glad to have found it.” Car accident survivor

“I wouldn’t be where I am today without your help and support. I’m sure some woman in the future will be very pleased with all our work.” Male survivor random violence

“You have touched me in so many ways and I wanted to say thank you. Thank you for your advice your inspiration, your website, your groups, for everything you have and do. I really am grateful to have met you and have you in my life.” Child abuse survivor

“Can’t Thank you enough for your support — and incredibly kind and encouraging words.” Child abuse survivor

“YOU are awesome! Even though I’ve been in therapy for months now, your enthusiastic online advice and unique insight triggered an important fact about PTSD for me: I must recover who I was and rebuild. I must rediscover myself.” Survivor military sexual trauma

“Thanks, again, Michele, for your RIGHT ON TARGET HELP!” Domestic violence survivor

“It has just started happening for me, I am now able to take pleasure in the little things and feel a piece of…… contentment.  Wow, it has been a long time since I’ve felt that! Partly thanks to you Michele and your website.” Child abuse survivor

“Keep up the great work for us veterans suffering from PTSD.” Army Pastor

“Thank you so very much…you have such a soothing and relaxing energy and it just radiates when you speak.” Autism mom

“I enjoy having you in my life. You’ve changed it forever. Keep up the good work.” Survivor random violence

“I just want to say thank you for your work. Heal My PTSD has been such a wonderful resource for me.” Child abuse survivor

“I am so thankful, that you came into my life, because indirectly you have giving me the strength to start my life over..your words have been in the back of my mind all this time.” Survivor domestic violence

“Your blog is very inspiring and I”m glad I stumbled upon it!” PTSD caregiver

“Your website is awesome… you are a great inspiration to others that are battling PTSD.” Domestic violence survivor

“Your site is so uplifting…..I feel better.” Domestic violence survivor

“You provide an awesome service to the PTSD community…” Trauma blogger

“I finally feel like there is light at the end of the tunnel after finding you.”

“I need to believe more in myself and ignore the responses of those who are in denial.   I know the truth and i know the best way to heal from PTSD.  Oh, and another thing is lack of resources within the country I am in.   This is why I love contact with your blog/website Michele.  It is so informative, empowering and educational.  I love you!!!”

“I’ve just started reading and working through your Bridge the Gap workshop. It’s some really thought provoking stuff.” Sexual assualt survivor

“Wow – this is the most thorough & proactive website I have come across on the subject of PTSD – Thank you so much for creating this space.”

“Michele, I just want to tell you that reading your post gives me so much hope. Your words are inspiring to others suffering, and I want to thank you….”

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